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At Kingmakers, we are not just consultants; we are your strategic allies in the art of corporate conquest. Harnessing the latest in data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cutting-edge tools, we forge formidable growth engines designed to dominate markets and crown business leaders as kings and queens of their industries. Let us help you seize the throne of industry leadership and turn your business vision into a lasting empire.

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Doing things the right way

Our Principles

Idea Meritocracy

Always put your honest thoughts on the table. Bring together smart, independent thinkers to have productively, thoughtful disagreements to come up with the best possible collective thinking, and resolve their disagreements in an agreed-upon way such as believability-weighting.

Have Integrity

Have integrity and demand it from others. Never say anything about someone that you wouldn’t say to them directly and don’t try people without accusing them of their faces. Don’t let loyalty to people stand in the way of truth and the well-being of the organization.

Radical Candor

Be extremely open. Create an environment where everyone has the right to understand what makes sense, and no one has the right to hold a critical opinion without speaking up. Share things that are hardest to share, but deny transparency to the people who don’t handle it well and don’t share.

Always Be Learning

Create a culture in which it’s okay to make mistakes and unacceptable not to learn from them. Recognize that mistakes are a natural part of the evolutionary process, and observe the patterns of mistakes to see if they are products of weaknesses and reflect when you experience pain.

Embrace Conflict

Conflicts are essential for great relationships. They are how people determine whether their principles are aligned and resolve their differences. Spend lavishly on the time and energy you devote to getting in sync because it’s the best investment you can make.

Audacious Goals

Don’t confuse goals with desires, and never rule out a goal because you think it’s unattainable. Be audacious - great expectations create excellent capabilities. Knowing how to deal well with your setbacks is as essential as knowing how to move forward.

Chief Kingmaker

Jeffrey Jewett

Jeffrey Jewett is the Founder and CEO of Kingmakers, distinguished by a successful career marked by a series of high-stakes leadership roles in revenue operations, marketing, and demand generation within the tech sector. He has demonstrated a profound ability to drive substantial growth, overseeing ventures that have secured over $1 billion in venture capital funding and directed companies towards exits totaling in excess of $100 billion. His strategic prowess is complemented by a hands-on approach to data-driven decision-making and operational enhancements, making him a pivotal figure in transforming businesses into market leaders.

Demand Battalion

Andrew Schaztberg

Andrew Schatzberg brings a robust background in marketing operations and demand generation to Kingmakers' Demand Battalion and Frontlines teams. With over a decade of experience enhancing marketing strategies through data-driven insights and technology integrations, Andrew specializes in amplifying demand generation and optimizing marketing automation systems. His strategic acumen and operational expertise enable him to effectively reduce lead leakage and significantly increase engagement metrics, driving substantial growth and efficiency. At Kingmakers, Andrew is pivotal in deploying cutting-edge marketing strategies that transform client engagements into successful market conquests.

Knight of the Revenue Table

Dylan Collins

Dylan Collins serves as a pivotal member of Kingmakers, holding the title of Knight of the Revenue Table. With a rich background in sales operations and sales, Dylan specializes in building effective sales cadence management systems and leading sales organizations to achieve peak performance. His expertise in fostering robust sales strategies ensures that Kingmakers' clients not only enhance their operational efficiency but also see significant improvements in their sales outcomes. Dylan's leadership extends internally as well, where he guides our sales team with precision and strategic insight, helping to drive Kingmakers' own growth and success in the competitive market.

Only the Bold Rule Here

Empire Builders Wanted

At Kingmakers, we understand that a winner take all mindset is not for everyone—it’s for the few who dare to stand apart. Our partnership is selective, focusing only on those ambitious entities poised to redefine their markets. If you are driven to not only participate but to dominate your field, then Kingmakers is your ally. Together, we will forge your path to sovereignty, elevating you to the pinnacle of your industry.

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Hiring the Best

At Kingmakers, we seek more than talent—we seek visionaries. Joining our team means you’re not just looking for a job; you’re stepping into a role where your impact can redefine industries. We are selective, partnering with only those few who are bold enough to lead and innovate at the highest levels. If you have the drive to create, lead, and transform, then you might just belong among the elite strategists at Kingmakers.

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