From Challenger to Champion

Your Fractional VP of RevOps and dedicated implementation team.

Kingmakers provides you with expert leadership and a skilled team to manage your sales and marketing tools like HubSpot and Salesforce. With unlimited tasks and a single subscription.

Fractional Executives

Each plan grants you an experienced Fractional VP of RevOps, ensuring leadership and vision to drive your growth.

Team of Implementors

Your dedicated executive is supported by our seasoned implementors skilled in martech, salestech, and business intelligence.

Unlimited Tasks

Tackle any project, big or small—from workflow automation and CRM administration to campaign execution and beyond.

Flat Rate Billing

Predict your expenses with confidence through our flat rate billing—no surprises, just straightforward budgeting for comprehensive support.

Scalable solutions

Our proven track record includes scaling businesses from inception to $1B in ARR. We build scalable systems designed for expansive growth.

Cancel Anytime

Flexibility is key. Manage your subscription directly from your dashboard with the freedom to pause or cancel at any time—no long-term commitments required.

Market leaders forged here.

Seize the Throne

Revolutionize with Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Fulls Stack RevOps

We support the best technologies in the businesses.

Can't find the tool you're looking for in our list? Given the expansive martech and salestech landscapes, it's challenging to list them all. At Kingmakers, we also specialize in configuring and optimizing a variety of advanced tools, including CPQ platforms, comprehensive data platforms, intent tools, and much more, tailored to your specific strategic needs.

Case Study

Scaling from $5m to $20M ARR in 18 months.

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Demand Battalion

Demand Generation

Enlist with our Demand Battalion to catapult your market presence. Through our subscription-based service, gain access to expert fractional leaders who specialize in crafting and executing demand generation strategies. Simplify request management and strategy implementation to escalate your lead generation and market penetration.

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GTM Guard

Revenue Operations

Strengthen your market entry with GTM Guard, our specialized service tailored for Go-to-Market operations. This subscription-based offering provides access to seasoned fractional leaders who optimize your entire GTM strategy. From sales alignment and process optimization to customer engagement tactics, manage your operations efficiently and scale your market presence with expert guidance.

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